12 Novembe 2005


6.00pm Joe Cutler: Buckley’s Hot Licks for solo piano (2002) | Tansy Davies: Loure for solo violin (2000) | Tansy Davies: Trio for clarinet, viola and piano (2002) | Johannes Maria Staud: Black Moon for bass clarinet (1998) | Marcel Reuter: Infra la neve for violin and piano (2000) | Reinhard Fuchs: ...wo Lippen die Blätter zu Zeichen bewegen for solo flute (1997) | Nick Shardlow: Aria for cello and piano (2005) | Johanna Doderer: Orchestra Airs (Orchester Lieder) for mezzo-soprano and piano (2005) | Bryn Harrison: Piano Set (Six Miniatures) – World Premiere
8.00pm Joe Cutler: Without Fear of Vertigo for Ensemble (2001) | Johannes Maria Staud: Arie am Rand Alter Bücher (Aria on the Edge of Old Books) for Baritone, Piano, Bamboo Chimes and Tape (2004/2005) | David Horne: Spike for Ensemble (1998) | Kurt Schwertsik: Twilight Music – A Celtic Serenade for Octet (1976) | Kurt Schwertsik:
Seven Viennese Songs to texts by
H.C. Artmann (1969)