Tuesday 10 May

10.30–12.30pmOpen rehearsals with composers
12.30–1.30pm Break for Lunch
1.30–3.30pmOpen Rehearsals
4.00–5.00pmLooking Back Looking Forward
A discussion with composers led by Annette Morreau

Wednesday 11 May

10.30–1.00pmOpen rehearsals with composers
1.00–2.30pm Break for Lunch
2.30–5.00pmOpen Rehearsals
6.30pmSalon Evening with performances and conversation
 Ed Bennett Magnetic (bass clarinet and piano) 7’’
Johannes Maria Staud Towards a Brighter Hue (solo violin) 9’’
Joanna Wozny Die verlorenen Pfade II (Clarinet and CD) 8’’
Joe Cutler Music for Parakeets (cello and piano) 6’’
Emily Howard Cloud Chamber (clarinet and piano) 6’’
  Darragh Morgan, violin
Robin Michael,cello
Loré Lixenberg, mezzo-soprano
Tom Lessels, clarinet
Yshani Perinpanayagam, piano

Thursday 12 May

10.30–1.00pmOpen rehearsals with composers
1.00–2.30pm Break for Lunch
2.30–4.00pmOpen Rehearsals
4.30–6.00pmRound Table Discussion
Andrew Burke , Andrew Kurowski, Matthias Lošek, Clark Rundell in discussion with composers.
 Ed Bennett Slow Down (Fidelio Trio) 8’’
Joe Cutler Comfortable Music (violin and piano) 10’’
Reinhard Fuchs Im unaufhörlichen Wandel bebt ohne Ende (violin and piano) 19’’
Joanna Wozny kahles Astwerk (voice, flute, violin, cello) 8’’
Johannes Maria Staud für Balint Andras Varga (Fidelio Trio) 12’’
Emily Howard Ada Sketches (flute, clarinet, voice, percussion) (WP) 9’’
 The Fidelio Trio
Darragh Morgan, violin
Robin Michael, cello
Mary Dullea, piano
Adam Clifford, percussion
Tom Lessels, pianoLore Lixenberg, voice
Rowland Sutherland, flute
Loré Lixenberg, voice

Friday 13 May

10.00amOpen Plenum with musicians and composers led by Annette Morreau and Andrea Rauter