Tuesday, May 17th


2.30–5.00 pm Presentation of four composers
Led by Annette Morreau and Andrea Rauter. A forum in which the featured composers have the opportunity to introduce their works to each other and the audience, to discuss methods of composition and influences.
Wednesday, May 18th  



Closed Rehearsal

Joe Cutler: Buckley’s Hot Licks for solo piano | Reinhard Fuchs: Traumsequenz for flute + mezzo soprano | Tansy Davies: Louvre for solo violin | Tansy Davies: Cooper Pair for violin + cello | Johannes Maria Staud: Black Moon
for bass clarinet | Bryn Harrison:
Open 1 for solo viola | Marcel Reuter: Seule l’ombre trace le chemin for solo piano | Nick Shardlow: Aria for cello + piano (world premiere) | Johanna Doderer: Silence for violin + piano (London premiere)


3.00–4.30 pm Closed Rehearsal
Thursday, May 19th  




Open Rehearsal

Presentation of four composers

Bryn Harrison: Listenings for violin + piano | Tansy Davies: Trio for clarinet, viola + piano | Johannes Maria Staud: Arie am Rand alter Bücher for baritone, piano, bamboo chimes and tape (world premiere) | Marcel Reuter: Infra la neve for violin + piano | Reinhard Fuchs: “wo Lippen die Blätter zu Zeichen bewegen” for solo flute | Joe Cutler: Bartlebooth for clarinet, cello + piano | Johanna Doderer: Orchester Lieder for mezzo-sprano and piano (world premiere)

Friday, May 20th  
10.00–12.00am Plenary Discussion
Led by Annette Morreau, founder of Contemporary Music Network, critic and prize-winning author.