Event programme, 5 December 2011, 8.00pm

Claudia Molitor: Five sparkling marbles
for piano

Gerhard Krammer: 2 songs
from Rueckert Texts, for soprano & piano

Ed Bennett: Magnetic
for clarinet & piano

Reinhard Fuchs: Wo Lippen die Blätter zu Zeichen bewegen
for solo flute & electronics (world premiere)

David Fennessy: The first thing, the last thing, and everything in between
for piano (London premiere)

Elisabeth Harnik: Wie aus weitester ferne
(dedicated to Gustav Mahler), improvisation for flute and piano


Emily Howard: Ada sketches
for voice, flute, clarinet, percussion

Joe Cutler: Comfortable Music
violin and piano

Joanna Wozny: Kahles Astwerk
for voice, flute, clarinet, cello

Robert Fokkens: Africa
for soprano & piano

Johannes Maria Staud: Für Bálint András Varga
10 Miniatures, piano trio